Directional Sign

Description: Routered the names and distance into 13 old re purposed boards, then painted them and mounted them onto an old light pole. Used google maps and various other map programs to map out the exact distance and angle to each city. Each city is labeled with its nickname instead of its real name, see entire list below.

Medium: Re purposed wood, light pole, router, and paint.

Artist: Josh and Jarod Phillips

Sin City – 1,863 miles
Blea Cliath – 3,784 miles
Windy City – 528 miles
Rocket City – 266 miles
The Square – 4,067 miles
Holy City – 183 miles
Big Easy – 588 miles
Big Apple – 590 miles
City of Angels – 2,055 miles
Bride of the Sea – 4,742 miles
Queen City – 75 miles
Gas Town – 2,298 miles
Mokum – 4,235 miles

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